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A Time of the Miraculous

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Date: February 28, 2012
Blog: “A Time of the Miraculous” by Pastor Joe Cotinola

Type of Fast: Your Choice
Target: Pastor Sonny & Julie Arguinzoni

2012 has a blessing so far…but it’s just beginning!  After Miracle Sunday, I know many of you are believing God for the Miraculous.  We are already hearing reports of the miracle working power of God.  I know your miracle is on the way.  Today I have the privilege of sharing for our 40 Day Blog.  I’m excited to see what God is going to do in my life, my family’s life and our church.  It’s times like these that draw us closer to God.

Fasting doesn’t come easy to me (if it does for you…then praise God) but I know what the results of fasting brings.  That’s one of the main reasons why every year we take the time to do this.  And not only now but throughout the year we’ll be fasting as well.  Why? Because like Isaiah 58:1-8 says…it humbles us! Now why do we need to be humbled? Because when we’re humbled…it brings us into the presence of God. And that’s what fasting is.  It’s a time where you can just get alone with God.  It’s time where you can block everything else out and just focus on Him.

I’ve been receiving so many reports of what God has been doing in the lives of so many people.  I have heard reports of healings, promotions, open doors, marriages that are being restored, we’re about to get into our new building (please keep God’s continued favor for a yes vote in your prayers) and that is just the beginning!  Fasting pleases God and it gives you strength.  Fasting brings you into a realm that you can’t see, touch or feel…but you can sense it.  Fasting will make you sensitive to the Holy Spirit. If you can learn to push away the plate…you’ll be able to push away sin.  Let me say that again…if you can learn to push away the plate…you’ll be able to push away sin. Those little secret bondages will no longer be an issue and you’ll have true victory.  There are some things that will only go away through prayer and fasting.

When you’re praying and fasting…you’re at your best! The armor protects the front of you but the Lord protects behind you.  The enemy can’t sneak up behind you because you are covered. And that’s exactly what will happen for all those who choose to step out and trust God this year.  I pray that as you’re reading this right now that the Lord will begin to touch your heart to accept the challenge to fast this year.  Believe me…it will change your life and bring you into a realm where God will really move in your life.  If you want change this year…I encourage you to fast.

As you take time to fast today, please continue to pray for the following:

  • God’s continued favor with the planning commission.
  • We need a “YES” vote and that no one will file an appeal against us
  • MIRACLES this year for God’s people!!!

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