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Fasting 101

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Date: February 29, 2012
Blog: “Fasting 101” by David Antillon

Type of Fast: Liquids all day until 6pm
Target: Elders: Rick, Sonny Jr. Saul, Mitchell and their families

“Fasting is a form of worship. The purpose of all worship is to change the worshiper in ways that will impact them. We worship not to just gratify ourselves, but also to become empowered to change the world!” — Elmer Towns

“Fasting is an often neglected discipline of intercession that carries great potential for spiritual power and answered prayer. As eating strengthens the physical life, fasting strengthens the spiritual life.” — Alice Smith


—Putting God First- “Seek first the kingdom of God…” Matt. 6:33
—Perserverance- “Jesus then told them a parable on the need to pray always and not give up heart…” Luke 18:1
—Effectiveness (which first comes through confession)- “The effective prayers of the righteous accomplishes much.” James 5:16-17
—Humility- “…turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting…tear your hearts, not just your clothes…” Joel 2:12-13


>An Increase In Discernment- It enhances our ability to see God’s perspective in a given situation. Luke 2:36-38
>It Enables Us To Hear God- Intercession without the direction of the Holy Spirit is ineffective. Acts 13:2; 15:28
>Fasting Releases Spiritual Power- As we humble ourselves, God gives us the spiritual power to carry out HIS plan. Luke 4:18
>Fasting Increases Our Faith- Our faith should not rest in the wisdom of men, but in the power of the Spirit. Zech. 4:6

BEWARE OF IMPROPER MOTIVES: Prayer and fasting are improper when the person seeks…

-to promote false holiness
-to fulfill selfish ambitions
-to advance their personal agenda
-to manipulate God

PROPER MOTIVES: God’s Word reveals that He honors and blesses when the fast…

-focuses on God and honors Him
-has a spiritual purpose
-causes one to humble themselves to God’s authority and His Word
-deprives our natural desires in order to focus on the spiritual desires

BEWARE OF IMPROPER MANNER: Prayer and fasting is improper when…

-they draw attention to self (no reverance)
-they are continuing in sin (no repentance toward God)
-they are harboring ungodly attitudes (no forgiveness toward others)
-it is done without sincere devotion and prayer to God (no consecration)


“It’s not wrong to fast, if we do it in the right way and with the right motive. Jesus fasted; so did the members of the early church. Fasting helps to discipline the appetites of the body and keep our spiritual priorities straight. But fasting must never become an opportunity for temptation. Simply to deprive ourselves of a natural benefit (such as food or sleep) is not of itself fasting. We must devote ourselves to God and to worship Him. Unless there is the devotion of heart there is no lasting benefit.” — Warren W. Wiersbe

***Above all, fasting should never be done legalistically or apart from the leading of the Lord. It should never be done out of a duty to perform or be seen of men. It should be done only to commune more deeply with the One who is our First Love*** 


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  1. Lisa Serrano-Albitre - February 29, 2012 Reply

    Thank you for sharing and for reminding me, God Bless.

  2. Larry Valencia - February 29, 2012 Reply

    I am so greatful and blessed to be part of victory outreach whittier. Im prayiing and fasting alongside with my pastors pastor joe and sister doreen and believing god for the building because we do have the favor of god upon this ministry and our lives to god be the glory for the things that he has done and will continue to do in whittier vo and our personal lives. Continue to pray to fast and trust god . If we Believe we will recieve what we ask for in prayer. Only Believe God Bless U

  3. 2012 Euro Football Tournament - March 2, 2012 Reply

    He who saves, finds.

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