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Date: March 8, 2012
Blog: “God’s Prayer Partner” by Beto Pena

Type of Fast: Liquids all day until 6pm
Target: Break open new countries

Prayer, is a theme repeadly echoed throughout the Bible, from the book of Genesis to Revelation, we see men and women calling on God for intercession in their circumstances. Indicatively, from the very moment Adam was expelled from the garden of Eden, man understood that from that point on the only way God could be reached would be, by means of prayer. This is still true to this day (folks there is no quick app for prayer), not even with great advancements in technology that man has been able to make in the last century, humankind is still to created one that can reach God. Pray is a spiritual commodity that can never be replaced; if the Lord tarries men and women three-hundred years from now will still have to seek God via prayer.

Many years ago when I received the Lord, I was instructed by a brother to pray every day, bewildered at this, I shrugged my shoulders and said ok. Not having a clue what pray was, I asked “how is pray done,” with the background as a catholic I had seen the priest pray, but never the layperson; at any rate the brother proceed to tell me that pray is “simply talking to God.”

Years later, although I still believe from a pragmatic stand point that pray is talking to God, however from a scriptural standpoint I must remark that God is not merely concerned with us offering prayer to Him, as much as He is concerned about how prayer changes us. This might shock you, but God already knows what we are going to ask Him and let me take this a step further He already knows the outcome of the situation you are praying for. In Matthew 6:8, Jesus preface the “Lord’s Prayer” by telling His disciples that God already knows our needs,(as it would be expected from a sovereign God) so why is there any need for Christians or anyone for that matter to pray. The answered to this question is couched in the “Lord’s Prayer”, Jesus taught His disciples that prayer is a partnership between us and God. We must concede to the fact that pray is not a one lane but a two lane street. Keep in mind, God just does not want us to just bring our requests to Him, but He also wants us to leave the altar with His requests for us, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” In other words, prayer was instituted by God so we could partner up with Him to change the world around us. Its is when this partnership locks in that God brings about His sovereign and supreme outcome on the circumstances. But the idea is to always “pray without ceasing.”

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