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Holding on to your healing with all you got

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Date: March 27, 2012
Blog: “Holding onto your healing with all you got” by Rachel Chavez

Type of Fast: No Meat All Day
Target: Healing for the sick

Holding on to your healing with all you got is synonymous with holding on to God with all you got. This is executed by clinging to his promises. Our God said, Is this not the fast that I have chosen: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke? Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out; when you see the naked, that you cover him, and not hide yourself from your own flesh? THEN your light shall break forth like the morning, YOUR HEALING shall spring forth speedily, and your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard. Then you shall call, and the Lord will answer; you shall cry, and He will say, ‘Here I am.’ “ (Isaiah 58: 1, 3, 4-9) Take that to the bank! A promise from the most high in regards to fasting!

The benefits are endless in this portion of scripture. For one, your light, as in something that comes from with in you, will spring forth like the morning. Second, your healing shall spring forth speedily. Thirdly, your righteousness shall go before you. And lastly, the most profound benefit is that the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard. At this point you are being lead by righteousness, engulfed by light, brought to complete wholeness through healing, and encapsulated by the GLORY of God! And as an added bonus the Lord comes to you and says, Here I am what would you like for me to do for you in your time of need! This is our portion! This is our Fathers promise to every one of his children.
God is faithful to fulfill his word. When Peter describes the gruesome beating that Jesus took in 1Peter 2:24, he declares that it was by these same stripes that we are healed.

The word “healed” is the Greek word iaomai – a word that clearly refers to physical healing, and it is a word borrowed from the medical term to describe the physical healing or curing of the human body. Jesus’ broken body was the payment God demanded to guarantee our physical healing. Just as Jesus willfully took our sins and died on the cross in our place. He also willfully took our sickness and pains on himself when they tied him to the scourging post and laid those lashes across his body. That horrific scourging paid for our healing! (Sparkling Gems, Renner)

When we fast, we fast with the intention to see GOD do the miraculous! It’s an atmosphere where we allow ourselves to be consumed by the belief of the Almighty God doing some pretty almighty stuff. Fasting kills unbelief, it breaks the power of flesh and demon, breaks down yolks and bondage, and calls upon the Lord in the most sincere of cries.
Luke 8:2, talks about women who had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities. What is interesting about this verse is that these women were not only healed of infirmities but also of evil spirits. In Mark 9:17, there is the story of the boy who is possessed by evil spirits and Jesus heals him. Unfortunately, when this father had taken the boy to the disciples they could not do what Jesus had done and cast out the demon. Later, the disciples asked him why this was and Jesus replied, This kind can come out only by prayer and fasting. Jesus on the other hand merely spoke the words and it was done.

Bringing it all back to the call of fasting which the Lord has asked of us, there in lies a question. Why couldn’t the disciples do what Jesus had done? Maybe it was because they lacked a little righteousness? Maybe they got a little stingy and didn’t wanna share their bread. Maybe it’s because their lights were a little dimmer than they should have been because they were too busy complaining about how they were gonna feed all those people, again! Or maybe they were arguing about who was the greatest amongst them and didn’t have the Glory of the Lord running all through them like Jesus did?

Thank the Lord for his promises! If we separate ourselves unto him in prayer and fasting then all these benefits will be acquired through obedience. Lord, knows we all need a little more light. We all need a little more love. Who couldn’t use a little more righteousness? Romans 3:10, would beg to differ and state that there is none who is righteous. Fasting therefore, becomes less of a sacrifice when you weigh the benefits of all that is accompanied through a mere act of obedience.

So no matter what your ailment may be: Cancer, Diabetes, Drugs, Gangs, Pornography, Bitterness, Loneliness, Dissention, Depression, Hopelessness, Bankruptcy, Injustice…There is a name that supercedes any one of these names. There is a method by which the Lord has allowed us to ask and know that he will answer. The precious name of Jesus is above every name. The last I checked cancer, diabetes, and infection, were all just NAMES! Our God is GREATER, our God is STRONGER, and our God is MORE than ENOUGH! Did I mention he reigns in VICTORY!

For those of you going through this time of battle, be encouraged. As Moses stood a top of that hill praying while Amelek waged war against the Lords children (Israel), Aaron and Hur held up Moses arms and the Lord defeated the enemy. Corporately, we believe with you holding up yours arms in prayer and fasting believing for your healing. The ending to this story is complete and utter victory. This is where Moses called God Jehovah Nissi because he understood the revelation that God himself is our banner, our victory. Through this fast we are setting our Lord on high for all to see that Jehovah Nissi is our God who has secured our victory.

He is not a man that he should lie or change his mind! He is not an empty fleeting thing. He makes clear the end from the beginning. So when the enemy tries to lie to me and say that your niece might not be healed of cancer, I tell that lying devil, “I believe oh Lord, in the words that you promised, that two thousand years ago you sent your son on my behalf to love me and my niece into wholeness. That every stripe of flesh off your back was not in vain but for her healing, deliverance, and hope.” One day I will stand as a testament to your goodness and mercy heavenly father who hears my cry and say’s “Here I am.”

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