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Recovery Homes


Our Mission

The Men’s and Women’s Christian Recovery Homes, sponsored by Victory Outreach Whittier, are a live-in, 12 month, Christian care home for adult men and women who have drug and/or alcohol problems. Our program is designed to reclaim, redeem, and restore lives that have been consumed by drugs, alcohol and/or other substance abuse as well as physical and emotional abuse.

We are not a treatment program, but rely on the Word of God through the Bible, prayer, and positive decision making in order to aide a person through their ‘Journey of Change’.

Each Victory Outreach Recovery Home is free of charge. The course of the recovery home is one-year, and all individuals live in a 24-hour ‘Home’ environment. Victory Outreach Whittier has been operating Recovery Homes for over 15 years in the Whittier area.

If you know someone that wants to change, call one of our Rehab Homes that best suits your needs.  We have homes throughout the city & surrounding cities of Whittier.

Rowland Heights Men’s Home

Director: Anthony “Pencils” Rodriguez
Phone: 626.363.4754

Whittier Men’s Home

Director: Mike Pule
Phone: 657.354.7077

Whittier Women’s Home

Director: Lorinda Barron
Phone: 626.364.7568

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