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The Power of Potential

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Date: March 11, 2012
Blog: “The Power of Potential” by Pastor Anthony Perez

Type of Fast: No tv, video games, chatting online, newspaper, magazines
Target: United We Can finances to increase and Partners going to new level in giving

Each of us possess untapped potential within. We are all destined to be something great for God and achieve something unimaginable in the course of our lives. However, because of the increase of wickedness and multitude of challenges and obstacles that we encounter everyday, we can sometimes get comfortable or desensitized and forget that we have this greatness from within wanting to burst out and touch a dying world. Every born again believer has the desire in reaching our full potential but in order for it to take place there has to be certain things that cannot remain the same. In a lot of cases it is vital to come to grips that the only way to experience the fullness of God’s glory to be revealed in us, we must reshape or way of thinking sharpen our character and tighten down our disciplines. In front of us there still remains several obstacles wanting to get in the way. Oftentimes these hindrances are not material or physical. Instead, they are nothing more than self-limiting beliefs that stop as from getting to where we want to be or being what we are meant to become. It is fear, anguish and worry that tops the list in hampering people from finding the positive that life has to offer.

Foremost, this is brought about by fear. This deals with having a limited or lack of Trust in God


THE MESSAGE TRANSLATION READS LIKE THIS: (Verses 2-3) “This is GOD’s Message, the God who made earth, made it livable and lasting, known everywhere as GOD: ‘Call to me and I will answer you. I’ll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.’

God Promises to “Make Known” or to “Reveal to Us” Great and Mighty things that He has for our Lives. THINGS THAT YOU CAN’T FIGURE OUT ON YOUR OWN.

Every person has a purpose for living. Every person, that God has created, is destined for great things. There is, however, a tragedy to this. Not every one discovers their purpose.

Implanted within you is something that you are passionate about. You may not even notice it but inside of you is something that makes you passionate when you think about it. Is there something right now that stirs your heart. Inside of you God has placed a cause for your life.

During this fast I believe God is going to reveal His purpose for many of you reading this today. Why because purpose does three things; 1. It creates a healthy appetite for growth (which is why you are taking the time to read this today), 2. It creates vision in your life and 3. It gives us direction for our lives.

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