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Why Should We Pray & Fast?

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Date: April 2, 2012
Blog: “Why Should We Pray & Fast?” by Dalia Gonzalez

Type of Fast: Skip 2 Meals
Target: Urban Training Centers – East Coast, West Coast, Africa & Mexico

Have you been thinking about making some changes in your life lately? Is it your desire to change the areas of your life that resemble chaos, insecurity, anxiety, workaholism, stress or any other thing that may be in the way of you having a productive and successful life? Have you been thinking of ways to turn an imbalanced life into a balanced life? Well, speaking from my own experience prayer and fasting are the only two things that has help me and I know will send you on your way to make those changes. Our relationship with God should be the most important thing in our lives. It allows us to begin the process of developing positive patterns toward a balanced life. I have no doubt that you will experience improvement in every area of your life as you make prayer your first priority. I also believe that in a short time you will be able to acknowledge that your relationships with others and with God have improved. I could assure you that you will slowly, but surely and successfully achieve any goals you set.

When you realize that your intimacy with God is superficial and you long to experience Him more directly, respond by fasting, and you may find that you encounter God more deeply and powerfully. Through fasting, you render yourself freer to hear from God through prayer than you would be when you’re not fasting.

Fasting is simply a natural, inevitable response of a person to a sacred moment in life – a moment when focusing on the physical pleasures of eating pales in comparison to focusing on the spiritual reality you’re encountering. Rather than fasting for what you can get from God, fast for what you can give to God. Fasting is simply a way of worshipping Him.
I heard someone ask: “Is fasting necessary? What does prayer with fasting do that prayer alone can’t accomplish?” I don’t know about you, but fasting is difficult for me. My flesh does not like anything being withheld from it.

Fasting without prayer could be called, “hungry.” But prayer with fasting is called “feasting in a spiritual sense.” So, why should we pray and fast? The purpose of prayer and fasting is not just for us to get what we want. What matters most is our relationship with God. The purpose of prayer is for us to be blessed by God in such a way that He is honored and glorified, as we grow spiritually. 3 Things that fasting does for the BELIEVER. I see fasting as vital in our lives because of three things: 1) FASTING REMINDS US OF OUR HUMANITY. It reminds us we are human, meaning we are limited in our abilities. We are in fact, helpless without GOD! It casts us upon God. It makes us dependent and, oh, how most of us hate to feel dependant! 2) FASTING HUMBLES US. There is self-denial involved. We deny the physical appetites of our body for a time, to humble ourselves before God who has all the answers for our lives. 3) FASTING IS A SIGN OF OUR DESIRE. When we fast we are saying to God that He is more important to us than the daily routine of finding food for ourselves.


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